Working from Home - Our Top Tips for Staying Productive

5 Top Tips for Staying Productive When Working from Home

With the latest government guidelines on COVID-19 suggesting that everyone who can, should be working from home, we know that many of you will be reading this from a spare room desk, a dining room table or even your couch! 

We recently wrote about industries that had been saved by digital transformation, and now more than ever, we are feeling grateful for advances in technology that allow us to effectively work as a team, while we are working from home.

Our team went remote in mid-March, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and we would like to share some of our top tips with you on how to stay productive, with all the distractions at home.

Staying Productive When Working From Home
  1. Create an Area Specifically for Work
    While everyone may not have a home office, try to set up an area for working in so that that’s where you work and the rest of the home is where you relax.  Boundaries like these are really important for reducing stress when you’re not working and staying productive when you are.  A table or desk and a supportive chair are perfect – don’t work from the sofa, or even worse, bed – tempting as it might be!
  2. Schedule Your Day
    At the end of each day, write out your to do list for the next day and stick to your working schedule.  Set your alarm, get up and get dressed as if you’re going into work and make your way through your tasks.
  3. Minimise Distractions
    Be clear with anyone else in the home that you have to work, don’t be tempted to do household chores and don’t put your favourite TV programme as “background noise”.  If you don’t like to work in silence, by all means put the radio or a podcast on, just make sure it’s nothing that will demand your attention.
  4. Make Use of Technology
    There are brilliant apps and websites around that make it easy to keep in touch with the team, share files, track progress on a task and set up video meetings.  We suggest making use of Slack, Google Drive, Trello and Google Hangouts.
  5. Take Breaks and Get Outside
    Ensure you’re taking the breaks that you are entitled to, take them away from your computer and where possible, get outside for a short walk.  It’s really important to stay both physically and mentally healthy and without your health, you won’t do your best work.

We hope that these tips help and that you find them useful if you are working remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak.  We at Blue Sword wanted to help however we could during this pandemic, and so we are currently offering free website assistance for organisations in social care, community support and foodbanks.  Please get in touch if we can assist you.