What is Ethical Marketing?

In anticipation of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in May this year, it is worth knowing more about ethical marketing! In the marketing industry, ethics are not as highly considered as maybe they should be, with the introduction of new data regulation, it is hoped that the standards of marketing will improve ethically.

What is meant by ethical marketing?

ethical marketing computer

The GDPR is improving attitudes towards ethical marketing.

Ethical marketing is not so much a form of marketing, rather an issue of marketing. Behaving ‘ethically’ in the marketing world is to be honest and fair with consumers. The marketing industry is notorious for not being very ethical – not having much consideration with how they use data and how they acquire it. However, there are many businesses who strive to be as transparent and considerate when marketing their products.

What is unethical marketing?

The problem is when it comes to defining unethical and ethical, everyone has their own beliefs of right and wrong. Because there are differing interpreting of definitions, companies tend to do what they like until they are caught out! Some examples of unethical marketing techniques are;

  • Exaggeration
  • Claims without evidence
  • Spreading misleading information about other brands

Why is it important to consider ethics in marketing?

Some companies have, up until recently, placed little importance on ethical marketing. As long as their product sells well, they don’t care how their brand image and credibility is affected! As a result of the change of data regulation, more and more attention is being placed on the companies that do have ethical consideration and more negativity being associated with the companies who still neglect the matter.

The millennial market recognises the social responsibility brands have and are addressing the fact brands should tackle subjects that matter – like climate change and animals rights – in their campaigns. So, it is thanks to organisations like the ASA, unethical print and media advertisements are being challenged more often.



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