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What Can’t Robots Do?

Humans have always been fascinated and obsessed with robots however for some, this fascination has turned into fear. Robotic technology has been developing at some rate, and as a result, industries are employing that tech rather than people. Online blogs and websites are captivated with what robots can do, but, what can’t they do?

What Can’t Robotic Technology Do?

Think Creatively

robotic technology coding

Creativity can’t be coded!

It is obvious that robots will not be able to think with creativity, because of their machine programmed minds. There is no way that human creativity will be able replaced by robotics! Even if they adopt certain roles within creative industries, there is no ability to lead in innovation. It is impossible to imagine a robot having the same ability to become a household name for innovation like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk.

Show Emotion

robot emotion

Robotic technology cannot be programmed to show or understand human emotion!

Though they might be able to analyse data at a much faster rate, they can’t show emotion. It would be impossible for a machine to recognise and portray an emotion of any sort! There is no right-side of the brain present in a robot. Though AI assistants have the ability to interact with humans, provide information and understand their speech. Robotic technology would not be able to read emotion from a human. In a consumer-facing industry like hospitality or tourism, a robot would provide very inadequate service.

Understand the Bigger Picture

robot human technology

Humans have the ability to progress in a career, robots don’t!

Though robots will perform the task they are meant, that is it. Robots do not have the potential to go above and beyond, to take control and responsibility for a situation if something should go wrong. They would just break. Humans have the ability to multi-task, interpret a failure of operations for example, having the common sense to rectify it. A robot would not be motivated to progress within a profession, to provide a certain standard of service or dream of reaching a goal. Therefore, within an industry in which there is a need to look at the bigger picture for success –  which is all – robotic technology would be a downfall.

Robots will not be able to take over every part of our lives. However, it is important to understand the role of robotic technology in wider society and the impact it has the potential to make. At Blue Sword we are always interested in making sure the different areas of tech and marketing are explored. Why not check out our latest blog post, looking at the use of colour in marketing.

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