JIRA Installation – Manage More Effectively

What is JIRA?

JIRA is a tool which enables companies to delegate and manage tasks in the style of a to-do list.

More than your average to-do list.

JIRA is the perfect tool for a wide range of businesses, from tradesmen to letting agents. JIRA allows tasks to easily be delegated by assigning roles to certain groups or people through a customisable to-do list which can be added to a work flow. The work flow allows a step by step list of the tasks taking place for each individual or group of people, while also allowing progress to monitored for each task.

On top of this, JIRA is hosted and regularly backed up to ensure no data or information is lost. JIRA provides the opportunity to set up different users within a company, assisting with the delegation of tasks as well as allowing training to take place through the site, this quickly alerts staff to any urgent or key tasks or training which needs to take place.

Furthermore, JIRA offers the expertise of a project manager to smaller companies. This gives them access to an area of management and delegation which may not be accessible due to lower numbers of staff. JIRA minimises the time required for delegation and management by making the task quick and simple. It also enables staff to highlight any issues they may be facing and alert, or pass them on to another member of their team. This quickly alerts the relevant personnel of any issues that may have arisen while completing a task. This feature is particularly useful if it is not always possible to talk face-to-face, as JIRA enables issues to be dealt with quickly and effectively.
Not only can JIRA be used in the office but it can also be accessed from mobile, perfect for anyone working on the road, and making the tool incredibly accessible from any location.