Internal Websites and Systems

Internal websites and systems can be hugely beneficial to an organisation. At Blue Sword, we specialise in customer and client databases, internal tools, reporting systems and more. We can create, manage, maintain and fix internal tools to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

What is an Internal Website/System?

Internal websites and systems allow you and your co-workers to share files and other information, which can only be accessed by people within your organisation. An internal website looks very similar to a normal website, however, unlike other websites, the content can be contained such that it can only be accessed within the organisation.

Client Databases

A client database is a great tool to help you improve customer service. By increasing efficiency and simplifying the process of updating and maintaining customer data, a client database improves the customers experience as well as your organisation’s efficiency. Furthermore, it reduces error and allows you to spend more time on higher-value tasks.

Internal Tools

Internal tools are great for keeping all you need to know in one place. From guidelines and instructions for staff to a calendar for staff holidays, internal tools puts everything in one, accessible place. By storing your tools on an internal system, you can create continuity through your business as everyone is following the same guidance and information.

Reporting Systems

A reporting system is a brilliant tool for any organisation. Whether you are a small organisation with one or two staff members or a large organisation, a reporting system is a great way to manage tasks. The reporting system makes the management and monitoring of tasks much easier as it allows tasks to be assigned and marked as completed without the need to assign a specific manager.

Let’s Talk About You

Are you looking for your own internal system? Do you want to improve information management, collaboration or task management across your organisation? Blue Sword can help you. We are happy to talk through all your requirements and queries to ensure that we can meet your individual requirements. If you are interested in developing an internal system, then feel free to get in touch to find out what Blue Sword can do for your business. We are happy to help.