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Content writing services

Content writing services from Blue Sword

Content is king is a phrase that can be found on countless digital marketing blogs, websites and agency websites. This is because content really is king.

A beautiful website is nothing without well-written, quality content giving a full understanding of your company’s message, services and insights. It also provides users with an element of trust -if your website seems trustworthy and authoritative, users are more likely to return, leading to more conversions, leads, and eventually better rankings.

When it comes to telling a wide range of people about any news your company may have, a press release is a great option. A well-written press release catches the influencer’s eye instantly and ensures that whatever you’re looking to share is shown to the right people, leading to more business and opportunities.

Finally, blog posts offer an authoritative voice to your website. Whether it’s company news, industry news or information that will be useful to your visitors, blog posts are invaluable to both your website and your business.

Our website copy, content & article services

We offer the following content services:

  • Website content – all written content across your website with Search Engine Optimisation implemented
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases

Website content writing services

Well researched content that appeals to your target market can offer a huge boost to your traffic, conversions and bounce rate. We implement unique articles and content to your website in order to build organic traffic that benefits your website on a long-term basis.


All of our on-site content is written with Search Engine Optimisation elements in mind and all keyword inclusion is natural and organic.

We ensure that all of our content is accessible, with a high readability score so that no matter who is visiting your website, your message is transparent.

We also ensure that we are always up to date with all search engine news which means that we can adjust to any changes Google implements without any disruption to you or your business.

Blog writing services

One of Google’s quality guidelines is ensuring that all content is fresh, relevant and authoritative.  Having a blog that is updated regularly offers these opportunities. If there is company news or industry news, these are always best going on a blog but there are also hundreds more opportunities for blog posts!

Anything that provides readers with value, answers questions that may have or is simply entertaining and fits well as a blog post.

Once your website has many blog posts, it becomes a hub of knowledge suggesting to users that not only are you committed to providing them with useful information, but you are experts within your industry. This gives your website more trust with Google which then leads to more rankings, traffic and conversions.

Press release writing services

If you’re releasing a new range, a new service or have news you’d like to share on a wide scale, a press release could be the answer for you! Press releases give journalists and bloggers an insight into your business that they may not have found otherwise.

As well as this, press releases are sent to influencers who can provide your business with a much louder voice and eventually lead to more customers.

Blue Sword offer press release writing services at an affordable cost. We ensure that your message is clear, that it’s well presented and that within seconds of opening it, influencers will be interested in what you have to say.


Content writing services in the heart of Glasgow

If you’re looking for content writing services in Glasgow, please get in touch. We offer a range of services at affordable prices and we’d love to hear from you.