Latest Top 5 Pieces of Tech is an artificial intelligence application which is able to carry out human like conversations through the likes of online customer services. On top of this, “Amy” – the name given to this piece of tech – is able to act as your personal assistant in setting up meetings by liaising with you and the other person to find a time that works for you both! Check out more at the Business Insider Review of Amy .

Motion-Sensor Technology

Apple has recently patented a motion-sensor technology which will allow you to control your computer by simply moving your hands in the air. Although this technology has been around for a while, it’s becoming ever more appealing with the increasing amount of time we spend in front of screens. Check out more at .

Cars That Make You a Better Driver

Although this isn’t quite on the same level as a self-driving car, there is new technology, designed by Tesla, which offers a hands-free autopilot mode. Along with the new Audi Q7 SUV which is able to break on behalf of the driver as well as nudge you back towards the correct lane. By gradually introducing these automated features, it will make the prospect of self-driving cars much easier in the long run. Find out more at

Google Android Wear

Google and Android are the latest company to join the smartwatch trend. With Google by their side, Android has an edge on the competition and the ability to sync with most operating systems, unlike the infamous Apple Watch. With a huge range of functions, well beyond simply telling the time, we think this is a great piece of tech!

Here’s a quick guide of all you need to know about the Android watch.

Algorithmic Personality Detection

This new piece of tech will be able to identify your personality by looking at your online subscriptions. It is currently used by life insurance companies in order to determine how risky it is to invest in you. These algorithms can also be used to predict your future financial transactions by, for example, looking at similarities and differences between two people to determine how likely you are to pay off debt. explains how it works.