Three Brilliant Uses for the Apple Watch

Apple’s latest venture into wearable technology, (in the form of the Apple Watch) has been a roaring success, with many other tech companies jumping on the bandwagon. The Apple Watch has also opened up a whole new world of opportunities for tech at home and in the work place. We decided that we would explore some of the most brilliant and innovative uses of the Apple Watch and share them with you.


Open Doors

This brilliant concept has removed the worry of losing keys for those of us who may be more forgetful. Many companies have embraced this innovative idea, such as Hilton Hotels. Hilton Hotels now allow their Hilton HHonors members use their mobile or Apple Watch to unlock their hotel rooms when staying with them. The app removes the need for the typical plastic cards used for hotel rooms. Furthermore, it makes check-in and check-out much more efficient by removing the need to return keys to reception. The app is particularly handy for people who regularly travel with business and enjoy the efficiency of skipping the trip to reception after a long journey.


The concept is also being used by businesses in their office buildings and even for people at home. By allowing people to use their watch as a key, everything becomes much more efficient, and again, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys as long as you wear your watch!


Your Apple Watch can also be used to open your garage door, which is a particularly handy feature if you often forget to pop your garage key into the car.



The Apple Watch is great if you are interested in fitness and staying healthy. The watch is already capable of being used as a fitness tracker with even more capabilities than your average sports watch. By monitoring when you stand up, move and exercise, the Apple Watch can monitor your fitness, while also sending reminders to ensure that you keep active through out the day. The watch can act as a brilliant aid for those trying to boost their fitness, and the functions of the fitness feature can be used along side your iPhone, as well as other apps, to keep you motivated and on your feet.


The functions of the Apple Watch can also be integrated into other apps, which is brilliant if you are looking to develop a fitness app.


TV Remote

If you happen to have an Apple TV, then you will be delighted to know that your Apple Watch can be used as a remote control.


Fortunately, you can also download an app which allows you to control your Samsung TV using your Apple Watch. The app is free and is great, again if you are prone to losing things!


Apple Watch Development

With so many brilliant features on the Apple Watch, it is no wonder that the wearable technology is so popular. If you are interested in Apple Watch development, then we would love to hear from you. At Blue Sword we can develop anything from games to apps for improving your businesses visibility. To find out more about how we can help you with Apple Watch development, then get in touch today.

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