Risks of Influencer Marketing – This Week in Marketing

Being exposed to influencer marketing comes as part using social media. Nowadays most influencers from reality television, YouTube etc. will have some sponsored posts on their social media accounts.

However, though the technique is used the world’s biggest brands, it is shown that most consumers would rather trust a product recommended by someone they know. Also, for many well-known people on social media, they don’t want to lose the trust of their young audience. So will avoid promoting products or services.

Are there benefits?

There are many benefits of influencer marketing:

– Using someone of with a lesser status of celebrity holds the chance that a ‘normal’ consumer will be more likely to identify themselves with the influencer.
– For a business, the cost of a celebrity will be much more expensive than a social media influencer
– A personalised message endorsing the brand from an influencer’s social media account is more authentic than those words of a celebrity

However, though there are benefits, there are dangers that – in the influencer marketing world – are not often considered.

What are the risks of influencer marketing?

Picking the Wrong Influencers

instagram influencer marketing

Make sure you understand who you are choosing to promote your brand! Instagram influencers and twitter influencers have different audiences.

There is the responsibility of choosing the right ‘micro-celebrity.’ If you are going to associate a brand with someone, you should understand their industry, their audience, who they are and what they stand for. Research is key! When picking your influencer consider their relevance and reach for the market you are aiming to appeal to.

Unsure of Intentions

mobile phone

Make sure you know your intentions to ensure your influencer marketing has the best reach.

Part of choosing the right person to endorse your product, is knowing what your intentions are. Why are you using the influencer tactic? It can be for a number of reasons; brand awareness, sales, diversifying reach and impressions etc. Know which one you are looking to improve!

Embarrassment for the Brand

people planning

Plan and make sure your brand influencer won’t embarrass you!

The before mentioned risks can then affect what happens when you contact the chosen influencer. If you understand the person and know what your intentions are for the promotion, then brand embarrassment won’t be a risk. However, if you choose the wrong person, then you might expect your brand image to be affected. In hand this will affect your overall brand perception. Choosing the wrong influencer will show your company to, not only to be out of touch with reality, but be ignorant to their audiences’ needs. You need to be able to trust your chosen influencer!

Communicate with Influencers

social media platforms

Communication is easy, make sure you trust your influencer.

Another mistake that brands seem to make is lack of communication with the influencer. Trusting them enough to endorse your product should come with a responsibility for you to communicate effectively with them. Lack of communication can lead to the actual promotion having mistakes, giving the wrong message and the overall success will be affected.

Marketing is essential in any form, but ensuring it is done correctly is very important! If you think your business is in need of help with digital marketing, contact us!

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