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The Merk Group

The Merk Group is named after Scotland’s first official coin from the 16th century. The company chose the name based on the company’s Scottish routes and the financial strength of the business.

Over the years, The Merk Group has diversified and expanded to cover a wide range of areas. With a great wealth of experience in property it is no wonder that The Merk Group have been able to firmly establish themselves in the property industry. They specialise in both property development as well as property and land consultancy. One of their successful ventures is the Kingdom Property Group based in Livingston, Scotland.

On top of their property and financial services, they have developed in areas of management. They now provide a fully comprehensive range of corporate and management expertise to companies seeking financial and management assistance.

Furthermore, they have developed substantial storage and distribution companies which has also helped to develop the logistics area of the business.

At Blue Sword, we have worked closely with The Merk Group to create a beautiful website which fits the company. We created a website which is easy to use, while reflecting the history of the business and highlighting their key strengths and expertise.