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Slate Property

Slate Property offers a wide range of serviced accommodation and investment projects in Scotland. Their Serviced Apartments provide you with a relaxing alternative to a hotel. With fully equipped kitchens to allow you to eat what you want whenever you choose to make it. Having a lounge area separate from the bedrooms will also give you space to spread out and if you like, you can set yourself up with a work area.

Slate Property is committed to acting honestly and in the best interests of their clients and service users. This is fundamental to everything they do and stand for. Slate Property has worked tirelessly to build a trustworthy reputation, giving clients, staff, suppliers, partners and investors the confidence to do business with us. This means treating each fairly and with dignity.

Blue Sword worked closely with the Slate Property to ensure these values were reflected in their site.

We worked hard to ensure the site reflected Slate Property’s professional and high quality approach. Every part of the site was crafted to ensure it was fully optimised across all platforms and guaranteed a beautiful user experience.