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Mattress 5

Mattress 5 are rolling out their range of unique mattresses designed to deliver true happiness through the perfect sleep. Available from only the UK’s best bedding and furniture stores each mattress in the range has been individually designed to stay fresh for years and ensure a beautiful sleep. With Mattress 5 you are sure to find your perfect fit. After all rested is the new rich.


Blue Sword was able to work closely with the team at Mattress 5 to craft a site as stylish and effective as their mattresses. It was clear the site needed to reflect their high quality by being easy to navigate and optimised to look beautiful on every screen size.  We focused on crafting and integrating bespoke graphic design to help convey information clearly and elegantly.

It was a pleasure to work with Mattress 5 and we can’t wait for their products to fully roll out throughout the U.K. so we can have a try.