How has Pokémon Go Affected App Development?

Pokémon Go is the latest app craze to sweep the world. With tens of millions of downloads already, it’s no surprise that the app is encouraging more advancements in mobile app development. In fact, the game is now competing with the likes of Twitter in terms of daily users.


The History of Pokémon

Pokémon started out in the 90’s as a video game for the original Game Boy. However, the game quickly grew in popularity, quickly turning the Pokémon franchise into an empire. With everything from TV shows, movies, playing cards, books and toys, popular all around the world, the franchise proved to be a huge success.


What Makes the App So Successful?

Pokémon Go has gained its success and popularity by creating a game unlike no other. By forcing users to get out the house and explore the world around them, it is encouraging people to get out and be active. With over 20 years of history, Pokémon Go has allowed many adults to relive their childhood, while younger generations discover Pokémon for the first time. This attraction to the app from people of all ages has contributed to the success of the game while bringing generations together through the game. Finally, Pokémon Go allows many people to live out their dreams of Pokémon hunting, how great is that?


Augmented Reality and Location Services

Pokémon Go has introduced augmented reality to the world, as many people have never experienced this technology before. Through the combined use of augmented reality and location services, the game allows users to come as close to real Pokémon hunting as possible. By using location services, the game encourages users to get out and go on real adventures to “catch ‘em all”. By playing on the user’s location, users have to identify “Pokéstops”, once they reach these Pokéstops, the augmented reality aspect of the game comes into play. Players must use their cameras to find the Pokémon (generated through augmented reality) in the area. They then have to attempt to catch the Pokémon in a Pokéball.


App Development

Pokémon Go has sparked a new age in app development, with apps becoming more and more complex. The game has also sparked a new craze and need for fun, engaging and useful apps.


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