This Month in Apps – Mobile Technology

Want to keep up to date with the latest in mobile technology?

Over this past month, app developers have been continuing to use innovation and market competition to give audiences more and more app options! Mobile technology is ever changing, from the new money messaging app Plynk to new app features for Pinterest.


snapchat app on screen in pocket

The famous photo messaging app has this week launched video-enabled “Spectacles” sunglasses in London. The colourful sunglasses have the ability to record up to 10 seconds of footage, which can then be added to the user’s Snapchat account. Having already sold 60,000 pairs in America, the £130 glasses are only available currently from a Snapbot located near the London Eye.

This latest product from Snapchat comes after lots of recent developments to their app. Snapchat users now have the option to create ‘custom stories’ – which give users the possibility to collaborate with friends! Perfect for social events like weddings, birthdays etc. Other added features include; an option to loop your video – like the Instagram option ‘Boomerang’ and an option to remove objects from a photo using an eraser tool.


instagram app open on phone

Instagram is also changing all the time. It is vital to keep up with other social media platforms.

Instagram have also been expanding their photo-sharing platform – location and hashtag stories have been added to the ‘explore’ tab. Which is a great idea for users to be able to see what is happening in the city around them! Alongside this, other new features include face filters – like Snapchat’s options – Instagram has also added selfie filters! Another added ‘rewind’ option allows you to play videos in reverse and the custom geo sticker feature has also been expanded.


man holding phone

A great new way to transfer money to friends.

Trending in the mobile technology world this month is the money messaging app Plynk. Which was launched earlier this year in January. The Irish founders announced recently that the payment platform has raised €25 million! Aimed at young people and students, the app is designed for people who want to transfer small amounts of money, instantly. The creators wanted to try and take away the awkwardness that people have when it comes to money. Looking more like a messaging app, you can send GIFs and emojis while paying a friend back. The new investment is making the founders hopeful that soon enough, the term ‘Plynk’ will be in everyday language.



pinterest logo

More app features for Pinterest!

Pinterest – the online and mobile ‘catalogue of ideas,’ has recently added some impressive aspects to its app. Some modern mobile technology features are obvious in this app. A live camera search has been added, which now allows the Lens to figure out what is in an image. Using their recently added visual discovery technology, the company has created a new form of ‘Promoted Pin.’ Also now, Pinterest hope to inspire more people and expand their audience after just having launched their first ever major ad campaign, “What if.”

App development is a very important of mobile technology. Having a direct impact of our lives, users value a quality app. If your company is considering developing an impressive app, contact us.