Marketing Trends for 2019

Looking to move with the trends in 2019? Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. In hope of keeping up to date with the modern marketing trends for the new year, rely on Blue Sword!

Modern Marketing Trends for 2019 – Advice from Blue Sword

marketing trends 2019

Rethink your marketing strategy ready for 2019.

Content Marketing Strategy

Original, personal, interactive content is going to be even more important in the new year. Of course, it has always been valuable to produce authentic and transparent content! However, in 2019, there is an obvious trend developing that places emphasis on producing creative content, the tone of which is unique and suits your brand. Essentially, if your target market doesn’t find your content engaging, reflective company values and personal, then you’re doing something wrong. To ensure that your business is producing worthwhile, authentic content, you’ll need to adjust your strategy. A fresh approach to content marketing in the new year will let your target market know that you value them enough to put thought, time and effort into your online content.

Multimedia Channels

We all know that cross-media marketing is vital to maintaining consumer engagement and brand awareness. However, few companies consistently use the endless media channels available. Make this one of the modern marketing trends you embrace in 2019! Start a podcasting, be consistent with video, story and image postings across all your social media platforms and start using YouTube! There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating a brand image through organic multimedia content.

Target Those Micro Moments

Our final trend that you should consider adopting in the new year is to target your marketing towards the Google “micro-moments.” Those moments where people are Googling;

  • I want to buy (what to buy or how to buy it)
  • I want to do (someone needs help completing a task or is trying something new)
  • I want to go (looking for a local business or buying something from a nearby shop)
  • I want to know (someone is exploring, researching but not ready to purchase)

Of course, it is easier to suggest these trends are adopted rather than actually implement them. Having trouble knowing how to market your business in the digital world? Blue Sword can help you in 2019 by developing an effective, original digital marketing strategy. Outsourcing your marketing may be the solution to your problems!

Rely on Blue Sword to handle your digital marketing in the new year.