Mobile Application Development

What is a mobile application

A mobile application is a digital presence which is installed on a users mobile or tablet device.

Users are able to access your presence without being online and without having to enter a web address.

Giving more than a site

Because the app is installed, it will have more access to device’s functionality than a website will.

This includes accessing things like the pedometer, gyroscopes, health data and more. The data stored on the app can also be persistent by storing files and data within the app.

Mobile Platforms Supported

Due to the large market share, many of our clients opt for an Android and Windows solution.

However, we are able to develop for:

  • Android
  • iOS (Apple)
  • Windows
  • Firefox OS
  • Blackberry


Why should your organisation have a mobile app presence?

Be More Visible

The average Brit spends around two hours a day on a mobile device. Having an app on their phone can be a great way to brand refresh. Even if they don’t use your app at that time, they’ll still see it on their home screen.

Another Marketing Channel

A mobile application can create a great channel for customers, providing information like: prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds etc.

It can make it a ‘one stop shop’ for all the content you’d like to supply to customers. Things like sales and promos will be at their finger tips.

Providing extra value to customers

Mobile applications can make it easy to add extra value to customers:

  • Creating a digital loyalty card
  • Push notifications informing customers of sales
  • Prompting customers to ‘check-in’ to a store for special offers

Building your brand

Think of a mobile app as a blank billboard sign – do what you want with it. Promote, advertise or inform and really hit home with your brand’s nuances.

If you’re able to make sure you’re customers are very involved in your app, it’ll improve their perception of your brand. It takes (roughly) 20 views of your brand to make customers sit up and take notice.

Much easier to that when they see it when they’re spending all that time on their mobile.

Engage more with your customers

Build in a help desk feature to your app.

Build in a simple Q&A service to help link your product or service experts with potential customers.

Let customers access your services when they find it convenient – look at how much online table booking has taken off!

Differentiate yourself from the competition

How many of your competitors have a mobile app? How much more impressive would you look having a professionally made mobile app>

Your prospective customers will love your forward-thinking approach!

Improve and build on customer loyalty

Be a fingertip away.

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