Meet the Client – Mark MacNicol

Company Name

Mark MacNicol, Screenwriter

Company Contact

Mark MacNicol

What is your current project?

Dreaded light is a fictional feature piece that is based on events from my own life. It explores a range of themes of which spiritualism is one.

We applied for and were accepted onto a scheme called SEIS which stands for The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. This is designed to give flagging industry sectors a boost by guaranteeing investors a 50% refund on their investment. We are able to combine this with another fund we have access too, which gives 20% of investors fund back. This means we can offer investors a 70% refund on their investment regardless if the movie makes a profit or not. This project is a very low risk opportunity for people to not only make a profit as an investment opportunity but also have some fun, support the arts and give young people from socially excluded areas work experience in film.

This is a serious feature piece that we are aiming to have both critical and commercial success.

What is your role within the company? –

The best way to describe it is my focus is screenwriting. I currently have two feature film scripts that are being produced and we are currently looking for finance for.

In the future my target is to have the opportunity to direct more non commercial films, leaning more toward art films similar to what we are doing with Dreaded Light.

What sets you apart from competitors? –

Everything I have written and everything I am involved in comes from a very personal place, mainly past experiences influence my work greatly.

How can people get in touch?

If you would like more information on the opportunity there are contact details available on my website.

We can send you out a no obligation investor outline that gives you a bit more information about both the film and the business opportunity.

Which Blue Sword services do you use? –

Web design Service, Web Hosting, Email hosting

How has Blue Sword impacted your business? –

Blue Sword had impacted my business in a massively positive way.

I have been writing for 7 years and started as many do with a novel which I self published. I knew from the start that self marketing and promotion would be crucial for me. With very few resources available I tried some do it yourself websites but felt it was always reflected in the end product. After a while I made contact with a photographer who did a bit of web design on the side and he did me a website, which wasn’t cheap. Although it was a bespoke product which addressed my needs at the time it was difficult to get hold off him and frustrating to get things done as photography was very much his focus.

From that point I started looking and speaking to other companies and encountered problems from the get go. Most were prohibitively expensive and the one I found to be affordable consistently let me down with long periods of no contact and constant unsatisfactory products.

As soon as I met with Kyle at Blue Sword it was obvious that he was professional, knew what he was talking about and had significant value to add suggesting things I had not thought off. The proposal that he came up with is on a phase basis with Dreaded Light being the first phase. This allows me to make best use of my resources.

I am very very happy the work Blue Sword did, not just at the start but moving forward with our planned developments and any issues or questions I have Kyle is always very responsive.

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