Brilliant Apps to Change Your Phone into Something Else

Nowadays, a phone is more than just a phone. With so many apps and new technology, our mobile phones are packed with potential. We decided to take a look at some of the best apps which can transform your phone from a simple mobile, into so much more.


Spirit Level

This may seem like a very simple tool, but it is brilliant if you are carrying out some DIY in your home. The app works just like a spirit level, but is much more convenient (and significantly less expensive!). The great thing about this app is that the technology behind it can be integrated into many other apps to create even more brilliant tools.



Although you can’t turn your phone into an actual telescope, there are apps which can do the same, and more. These brilliant apps allow you to point your phone towards the sky and see space and the stars above you. The apps work using your location services and real time information to show you the night sky in your area. These apps are great for adults and children a like, and can be used as a great learning tool for learning!


Dash Cam

You possibly already use your mobile phone as a sat nav, but now you can use your mobile phone as a dash cam too. Dash cams are continuing to grow in popularity, particularly to assist people with insurance claims. However, why spend money on a camera when you can download a brilliant app to do the same job? The apps allow you to monitor each of your journeys, and record data, should you need it in the event of a crash or an accident.


Security Camera

Similar to the dash cam app, a security camera app is another great app to help you if you ever need to make an insurance claim. Many security camera apps even allow you to set up a live feed – so you can keep any eye on your home from wherever you go. Although you may not want to leave your phone at home all day, it is a great app if you have an old phone lying around.



Science and technology continues to evolve each day, but now it couldn’t be easier to run your own experiments and studies. This brilliant kit allows you to transform your mobile into a microscope. This technology is likely to encourage advancements in science as more and more people become interested in the world of science.


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are quickly turning our phones into just about anything, from something as simple as a spirit level to telescopes and microscopes. If you are interested in developing a mobile app, then get in touch to find out what Blue Sword can do for you.