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Want the latest app news? The world’s most popular apps have, this week, faced some big changes! From Uber to Twitter, there has been major developments!

Apps of all categories are a massive industry. It’s not only easier and time efficient to use apps, but the tech world relies on the success of apps! And so, every major company is constantly working and competing, all in the aim of winning users while making a more user friendly experience.


uber private car service

Uber have been stripped of their TfL license!

The latest news about Uber is not something you can ignore. With the announcement that Uber will no longer be able operate in London City Centre, there was a crazy social media response! Transport for London (TfL) stripped Uber of their license after they deemed the taxi company unfit. However, in the last couple of days the Northern Europe manager of Uber has quit. After the huge blow to Uber, it’s hardly a surprise!


twitter app open on tablet

Were Twitter right to increase their character count to 260?

In other app news, Twitter has decided to extend tweets character count to 280. The founder of Twitter tweeted about the change, explaining that the original limit was only based from the 160-character limit of SMS. The new limit is only available for certain accounts! However, of course the Twitter world has had a lot to say about it, albeit using 140 characters. With many people suggesting that the point of Twitter is now lost and the founder should’ve concentrated on creating the option to edit a tweet already posted!


whatsapp icon the latest in app news

WhatApp have developed their own emoji’s!

WhatsApp has also made a recent change! The instant messaging app, owned by Facebook have created their own range of emoji’s, which are almost the same as Apple’s emoji’s. Are you always using emoji’s? Using an Apple device, you won’t see a change, however using Android you will find that you might notice slight differences!


instagram on an iphone

Instagram’s audience has been growing rapidly!

Another piece of app news, Instagram are getting ever closer to having one billion users! The latest count of monthly active users is 800 million, which is an increase of 100 million since April – their fastest ever growth! With the social media photo-sharing app now being used by over 2 million advertisers, it is clear that companies conscious of the ever changing face of marketing!

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