5 Tips to Help Find Your Online Brand – This Week in Marketing

Thanks to social media, branding is now easier than it’s ever been. Communicating a specific image of your business can be simply done in a matter of clicks. In such a consumer led culture, businesses have to fight more than ever to appear different and trustworthy. It’s time to improve your online branding!

Trying to find where you fit into the market? Advice from Blue Sword will make sure your company is more than ready for an online branding overhaul. It might just be down to a couple of changes, but it will all be worth it.


tulips being original

Your company could be that yellow tulip. Don’t be afraid to stand out!

It’s all well and good making a nice logo and having a quality product/service, but if you don’t communicate to customers why people should buy or use it, what’s the point? It is important then to be original. Think about what it is about your business that is different, and play on that. Use those around you and your own personality to help capture a brand identity! Online branding relies on clever businesses, realising that consumers value unique variety.


arrows pointing up

Be consistent and your brand will go from strength to strength.

You aren’t going to gain popularity if you don’t have a consistent online presence. Whether this be on social media or your blog, making sure your audience is updated a regular amount is vital. However, people appreciate quality. Don’t just update twitter with the same daily tweet promoting a service etc. put your brand identity into it! Interact, express an interest in current news. Make sure potential consumers know that your business is more than advertising!

Know Your Audience

people in a crowd

Make sure you know the people you are targeting!

One of the most important parts of business is knowing your audience. It’s not a surprise that, when it comes to improving/creating online branding, it is invaluable to know your audience. Even if you have been a business for years, people grow up, culture changes societal needs and your business will fail without a brand refresh! So, establish; who do they trust/admire? What existing brands do they buy from? What age range? Likes and dislikes? Really get to know the audience, your brand will gain much more respect this way! People can tell when large companies are trying but failing to relate to a specific target market.


online branding needs to be genuine

Your online branding needs to be genuine.

Online branding is time consuming, especially when you are first starting out. However, it is so important that you keep it up! Make it clear who you are and what the company represents, put the effort in and soon, people give your custom and trust.

Pretending to be a company that you’re not or copying a business in the same industry is something that people will realise. Online, you have the ability to give your brand identity you want, for completely nothing! So, make the most of it!

Keep the Passion

two way road give and take

Creating a successful online brand works both ways, if you put in the work you will get the results. Stay dedicated.

Online branding is one of the most exciting parts of your business’ success. It can be creative and interactive! The perfect chance for you to get to know those who you sell to, those who love your products/services etc. So, make sure you keep on top of replying, liking and responding to comments and posts. A customer, new or old, will really appreciate feeling some sort of acknowledgement/thanks for buying/using their product/service!

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