Facebook F8 2018: All You Need To Know

This year’s Facebook F8 conference for developers has taken place over the past couple of days in San Jose. After some turbulent weeks for the company, Mark Zuckerberg made a speech at the conference which revealed new tools, more involvement of AI in both Instagram and Facebook, and a new feature for finding love.

2018 being Facebook’s most controversial year so far, the Facebook F8 conference has come at quite a challenging time. Running through Facebook’s data history and the recent steps taken to remedy data privacy issue, Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at the beginning of the conference was concerned on stressing their dedication of data privacy and regaining user trust.

The Facebook F8 Conference 2018

New “Clear History” Option

As a response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has tried to take action to appear dedicated to keeping user data private. The new “Clear History” option gives you the opportunity to see what information Facebook has gained about you from your browsing activity out with Facebook –  information from any apps or websites that use Facebook ads and analytical tools. In clearing this history Facebook will be limited with the personalised ad content it presents and will know less about you. Though this is an option for the user to regain control of data there is a vast amount of information not covered by this tool. Facebook has a lot of data that it doesn’t think of as yours!

3D Facebook Photos

Facebook has also announced a 3D photos tool, that is also to be used on the mobile app. It will let people upload 3D photos and share on them on Facebook. This feature is said to be coming in summer!

Facebook Dating Feature

facebook f8 conference

The new Facebook dating tool has not been tested yet!

At the Facebook F8 Conference, it was also revealed that there is a dating feature being added to the mobile application. A part of the app that is on an opt-in only basis, Mark Zuckerberg expressed how friends aren’t going to be able to see your profile and you would only be suggested to people not on your friend list. Also, the messaging feature is not linked to Messenger or WhatsApp. In his speech, the CEO also placed emphasis on how this optional tool was created with it’s 1.2 billion users in mind, to find love! With plans to test the feature later this year, it has not yet been introduced on the mobile app.


The head of Messenger, David Marcus, explained how Messenger will soon have a new design. As well as a new layout, the app will not have any more games but will be launching lots of new tools useful for businesses on Facebook – which will include the integration of AR.

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