Enjoy Tech at the 70th Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival this month not only features shows using virtual reality (VR) and tech experiences, but also their own unique Festival VR experience. Edinburgh 70 allows people to have a taste of what it’s like to be at the festival. The biggest cultural festival in the world is too embracing tech and VR!

A festival where anything goes, the Edinburgh Festival is this year featuring shows which cover themes of cyber surveillance and multi-sensory audience experiences.

Edinburgh 70

edinburgh city centre

The Edinburgh 70 VR experience highlights the best of the city and the festival.

A VR app which has the support of Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland, Edinburgh 70 is the perfect chance for people all over to experience the weird and wonderful festival! The VR experience combines abstract digital models of Edinburgh’s streets, landmarks etc. and BBC archive highlights. All in the aim of representing Edinburgh at the time of the festival over the past 70 years.

An amazing collaboration, Edinburgh 70 captures just how creative you can be with technology!

Foreign Radical

theatre seats

A game that uses modern technology as subject.

A show completely themed around technology and modern society is Foreign Radical. A Canadian group, Theatre Conspiracy, have created a multimedia game which explores security, privacy and freedom. The group relies on participants to work together to investigate and spy on each other. A reflection on the cyber surveillance that goes on in society today! Depending on unique personal reactions to the scenes and media put in front of them, the participants are influenced on how they play the game. A completely one of a kind experience, Foreign Radical uses the technology industry and control on the modern world as a subject. A must see at the festival this year!

Stand By


A unique performance that embraces tech!

Another performance featured at Edinburgh Festival this year is Stand By. Written by a former police officer, audience members are required to wear a single earpiece like real life officers do. The scene depicts police officers in a riot van, waiting to enter a flat where there is a domestic hostage situation. The audience follows the relationships of officers, who need to follow orders while also protecting themselves. Also, the show aims to immerse the audience with the earpiece to tell a fast paced story!

FuturePlay Virtual Reality Studio

virtual reality at edinburgh festival

A great place to experience the latest in VR products.

The Edinburgh Festival this year is also hosting a VR Studio. Allowing visitors to become a part of the VR world. Experiencing the cutting edge developments in virtual reality, you can immerse yourself in documentaries, games and animations! A completely unique chance for tech lovers to try some of the most advanced products around.

Also, there is a FuturePlay Tech Zone, which offers the opportunity for children above 6 can enjoy an interactive playground. Where the creative tech world truly comes alive, kids can enjoy gadgets, interactive artwork and games. Something ideal for a summer day spent at the festival!

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