Don’t Make These Digital Marketing Campaign Mistakes

These days it’s so easy to make mistakes when it comes to digital marketing. We have seen in the past year that even big brands like Pepsi and Walkers make big campaign mistakes. Digital marketing campaign mistakes are more common now that ever with there being such a pressure for companies to create different yet successful campaigns.

Thanks to social media, people can express their opinions on a new digital marketing campaign by typing a few lines. It is easier than ever to understand and communicate with target audiences yet, companies sometimes seem to get it so wrong!

Don’t Buy an Online Following

A fake following isn’t going to do your company any good! It is so easy to spot if a company has bought followers, Facebook likes etc. No matter if you are trying to promote a product or a person, your audience will be able to tell if you have bought fake social media presence! Losing the trust of your real existing followers isn’t worth it.

Who is your Target Audience?

theatre seats audience

Just remember who you are trying to reach with any digital marketing campaigns!

Remember to identify your target audience. The most important part of any campaign, if you don’t know who you are trying to appeal to what is the point? It is so simple to interact with your potential audience. Use what is around you to get to know what they really like, their age, location etc. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is not fully understanding and reaching out to their desired market.

Use Humour Cautiously!

Funny interactions between businesses and customers on social media has become very popular. However, sometimes humour can be taken the wrong way! Business owners have a responsibility to identify that their audience will be people of all beliefs/cultures/genders/lifestyles. It is a good thing to create a funny campaign, but be careful with it!

Don’t Follow the Wrong Social Media Trends

digital marketing campaign mistakes on social media

Don’t make on the digital marketing campaign mistakes and follow a trend not suited to your company!

Another mistake that companies make is hopping on the bandwagon of an online trend that doesn’t suit them. For example, if you see something a rival company is doing, which is working out to be a success, it doesn’t mean that it is the right strategy for your company to adopt! Moulding your business’ online presence on an existing companies’ is another one of those digital marketing campaign mistakes. Having a clear idea of who your customers are and their trust in your company is more important.

Digital Marketing Campaign Mistakes – Blue Sword

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Having the right online strategy will prevent any digital marketing campaign mistakes! With the help of Blue Sword, your company will have the best chance of reaching it’s target audience successfully – using the most appropriate ways! Interested in any digital marketing services we offer? Contact us today.

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