Dmexco 2017 – This Week in Marketing

Need the latest news in digital marketing? One of the most important events in digital marketing took place this week. Dmexco – which stands for Digital Marketing Expo and Conference – ran over 2 days in Colonge, Germany. For these two days, there were talks from several industry experts – including Snapchat, Adweek, Twitter and Pinterest – a massive exhibition and multiple events. An event like Dmexco, which is sponsored by the likes of Adobe, IBM and P&G, you can expect it be highly successful each year.

After running for 9 years, Dmexco is a conference that people in the industry definitely listen to!


Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg’s talk – “Building Community and Discovering Growth in a Mobile World” gave everyone an insight into Facebook’s newest changes. The social media platform announced brand safety tools which allows advertisers to see where adverts are likely to appear on Facebook before the launch of a campaign! Which will result in advertisers being able to control their content.

facebook logo

Changes are coming up for Facebook!

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

New Data Protection Regulation is coming into effect in 2018. One of the talks at Dmexco discussed how companies who rely on data and web tracking will be directly affected. Though many advertisers still have a relaxed attitude about the looming GDPR, the heavy focus on it at Dmexco will surely get them thinking! If anything GDPR will let consumers trust ad companies again, something that was lost as a result of there being no regulation to protect consumer data!

The new data protection regulations are coming into effect soon!

Brand Personality & Content

Another theme of the conference is the fact that consumer loyalties have changed. Brands have to concentrate more on their personality and content to now catch customer’s attention and loyalty. A change in marketing that has been recognised for the past couple of years! Content is now key for brands to communicate. It’s important now more than ever to keep audiences interested. Promotion after promotion won’t work! If you are struggling to build your online brand with personality, why not look at our last post?

creating a brand

Dmexco 2017 discussed the fact that brands need to have constant content and a personality!


Just like every other tech conference/event in 2017, AI was talked about a lot at Dmexco. The completely transformative technology brands have no choice but to embrace it! In this changing consumer market, AI is an essential for brands to provide personalised experiences that they struggle to do. Though it’s easy to be against AI! However, in an industry like digital marketing – where AI can be used for campaigns or as a resource – there is no other option than to let AI lead the way.

ai topic discussed at dmexco

Digital marketers have to accept AI sooner or later!

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