These Industries Have Been Saved by a Digital Transformation

Is your business in need of a digital transformation? Across a variety of industries, advancements in digital technology have altered and improved the way we receive treatments, buy products and use services. To survive in this digital climate, many businesses have had to dramatically change how they operate, and so, many are opting to implement an effective digital transformation strategy.

In a lot of cases, adopting and implementing new digital practices have saved businesses from becoming stagnant!

Industries Saved by a Digital Transformation Strategy – Advice from Blue Sword

finance transformation

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With the internet offering a place for instant information, patient behaviour within the pharmacology and healthcare sector has completely changed. Though it has taken a while, medical professionals are finally responding to this change and have started to incorporate digital technology within practice and manufacture. It is now the case that the healthcare industry is focusing on how digital can help them, not how it works against them. From the manufacture and supply of pharmaceuticals to the process of recording health records, digital technology allows those working within medicine to have instantaneous, organised and secure methods of operation. The NHS digital transformation strategy has played a crucial role in bettering the standard and improving the accessibility of essential healthcare in the UK.


Another industry which has been heavily impacted and saved by digital technology is finance. From banking apps to virtual assistants, the finance sector has been completely transformed by technology like analytics, cloud computing and robotics. Artificial intelligence has made the customer experience within banking easier and more efficient and so, it is likely that robotics will continue to be used within other areas of finance to enhance performance.


Lastly, the modern fashion industry owes a lot to digital technology. Fashion forecasting companies have capitalised on the fact that social media is now so influential within modern society. Brands now use social media platforms as ways of predicting trends! Rather than having to manually gather data, companies have instant access to masses amounts, all at the touch of a button. Many use artificial intelligence as a way of collecting, organising, analysing and sorting this data into  categories, which is then used to understand what the future customer will be looking for. Aside from trend predicting, mobile apps are considered the way forward within e-commerce. Apps provide a seamless, accessible shopping experience. And, with the abundant amounts of digital wallet options now available, consumers are drawn to shopping via their smart phones more than ever.

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