3 Benefits of Podcasting for Marketing

Thinking of introducing a podcast into your digital marketing strategy?

In the past couple of years podcasting has become incredibly popular. This popularity can be explained by the fact that, as a media form podcasts are extremely accessible, more often than not are free and you can listen to them on the go. As we are now considerably more reliant on our mobiles and tablets than desktop computers, it is no wonder podcasts are so successful! Whether you are enjoying a relaxing Sunday, commuting or working hard at the gym, there are hundreds and thousands of podcasts out there to enjoy.

As we mentioned in our last post, there are many exciting trends in marketing for 2019. Though not new for this year, podcasts are definitely changing content marketing!

Transform your Digital Marketing Strategy with a Podcast

digital marketing podcast

Change up your digital marketing strategy for 2019 with a podcast!

Better than Blog Posts

If your business is concerned with creating the most varied and quality content possible, podcasting is the route to go down. It is now the norm for businesses to post regular blog articles, but it isn’t as quite as common for businesses to upload regular podcast episodes! The decision to incorporate a podcast into your digital marketing strategy will not go unnoticed by clients and customers. Build your brand’s online presence and invest in some good equipment. All you need to create consistent episodes is motivation and dedication!

Triggers Conversation

Another benefit of beginning a business podcast is that you will be able to establish valuable relationships with your client base. A podcast is considerably more personal than a blog post; podcasting is an authentic and effective way to speak and engage with customers from all over the world! They will definitely value the time and effort put into producing each episode. In creating a podcast you are also differentiating your business from others. Also, it is likely that through your podcast there will be the opportunity to build relationships with other business owners and others within the industry. Not only will this give your brand and business credibility, you will therefore have more connections and trust amongst peers.

Easy to Start

Podcasts can be created using just a few pieces of equipment and by choosing the most appropriate platform to upload on. You have complete freedom of your podcasts’ structure, the topic, the frequency of which you upload and how long/short each episode is. It can be anything you want! Always share every episode with followers/customers across your social media channels. Your business can be completely transformed!

If you are thinking your current marketing is in need of a refresh, the Blue Sword team can help. Our end to end process will ensure that your content marketing is on track for an exciting 2019!

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