Social media personalised marketing is crucial – improve your online presence!

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are nowadays, just as much of a helpful tool in recognising a good brand as a search on the internet. The quality of a company’s social media presence is very valuable. The ability to provide personalised marketing through social media is one of the reasons many companies are focusing on it.

What’s your brand personality?

Social media is an amazing way for brands to develop and exhibit their personality! As well as the logo and slogan, a company will be able to establish itself on social media just by having an account. For example, it is just common knowledge that a Twitter account with maintained activity is more likely to be of interest to a customer than no presence at all. Social media is one of the best ways to express a brand message or an advertising campaign with a wide range of audiences.

Also, companies can personalise their customer interactions. Many people tweet companies about something they’re not happy with or a question not expecting a reply. But when a company replies in a personal way like using humour, using the customer’s name or just sounding like a real human, Twitter users take notice! Social media has personalised marketing so much that funny consumer-brand interactions now go viral.

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It is vital for a company to use social media to engage and entertain customers!

Marketing in Real Time

Companies also used social media as a way of connecting culture. Not only are companies connecting to the world beyond promoting their products, people are using the social media presence of companies to help in times of need. For example, recently the East African famine crisis provoked a collection of people to ask Turkish Airlines for the use of an aeroplane to transport aid. This was brought about through social media, the company were made aware of the cause through social media channels. Another way that social media can be used for companies to connect to worldwide events. The overall brand image of Turkish Airlines was promoted and seen in a positive light.

Also, personalised marketing works on social media in a way which enables brands to connect adverts to current affairs. Brands know that a new hashtag, which social media users deem to have relevance will circulate in no time!

social media promotes personalised marketing

Always update on social media to show support for worldwide events and news.

Personalised Content

And finally! The amount of personalised content companies put on Twitter, Facebook etc.  just shows how concerned modern day companies prioritise personalised marketing on social media. Allowing users to engage and become a part of promotional events and campaigns. Completely focused on having a personal connection and gaining the trust of potential and existing customers.

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Include people in promotional events via social media!

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