Changes in E-Commerce

E-commerce is changing and evolving everyday to make our lives that little bit easier. We wanted to explore the routes of e-commerce and e-commerce web development which is continuing to take place everyday.

A Brief History of E-Commerce

E-commerce is hugely popular around the world, with the ability to shop at anytime, anywhere, it’s no wonder that e-commerce is so popular. E-commerce is relatively new, only becoming possible in 1991 when the internet opened up for commercial use. Since 1991 thousands upon thousands of companies have taken to the internet to sell their goods and services. Although, it can be argued that e-commerce began before the internet during the 70’s with the introduction of teleshopping.

Although the internet opened for commercial use in 1991, it didn’t become popular with the public until 1994. Furthermore, security measures surrounding the internet were not put in place until 2000, allowing for continuous and relatively fast connection to the internet.

Following the collapse of the dot-com in 2000, many online companies were forced to shut down, but e-commerce web development continued, with a huge turnover of $700billion in sales. A whopping figure considering that only a few, more established, traditional business survived the collapse. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some) the collapse of the dot-com cleared the way for many offline stores to establish more successful online businesses.

The largest online retailer in the world, Amazon, launched in 1995. Starting out as an online bookstore, but with no physical limitations, the site was able to offer more products, eventually developing into the huge retailer it is today. Amazon really helped to kick-start the trend of e-commerce and the site is considered one of the e-commerce pioneers, along with the likes of eBay. Today, the site has over 65million users each month in the US alone and with a revenue of over $34billion, it is clear that e-commerce is now a huge part of our lives.

E-Commerce Today

The internet in general has come along way since its humble beginnings, and e-commerce web development has grown with it. E-commerce continues to be more advantageous than offline retailers, with the ability to shop anywhere at anytime. Furthermore, customers are able to search and find exactly what the want without having to search through hundreds of shops on the street or in shopping centres. With advancements in web tracking and the ability to easily create a notable online presence it is no wonder that e-commerce web development is becoming such a huge part of business today.

Today there are currently around 1billion websites in the world – almost twice as many sites as the start of 2013. E-commerce makes up around 10% of the internet, but that does not change the fact that the e-commerce industry is worth trillions of dollars and is one of the most popular areas of the internet.

E-Commerce Apps

With over 1 billion mobile internet users, it comes as no surprise that many of these successful e-commerce companies have made the move to mobile apps. By creating the apps, the companies are able to collect more data than ever on their customers, allowing them to create targeted adds to increase sales. On top of this, apps bring the companies one step closer to the customers and in one simple tap customers can access their favourite online retailers.

What Can We Do for You?

Considering how successful the e-commerce industry is, you may be interested in developing your own website or mobile application to take your business to to the next level. At Blue Sword, we can help you with e-commerce web development, whether that is through creating a beautiful website for your business or developing an app to put your business one tap away from your customers.

If you are interested in any of our e-commerce web development services, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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