Space Technology on Earth

Space exploration has lead to the development of some brilliant pieces of tech. We decided to explore space technology and see how the same tech is used in our everyday lives.   Brief History of Tech in Space Organisations have been developing technology for space exploration for over 70 years. During the second world war Nazi Germany saw the possibilities of long… Read more →

Current Trends in E-Commerce and Online Shopping

Considering we are exposed to around a whopping 3000 advertising campaigns each day, its no surprise that e-commerce and online shopping is on the up – especially with everything at our fingertips through smart phones. With online shopping on the up, we thought we would share some of the latest e-commerce and online shopping trends with you. The Move to… Read more →


Latest Top 5 Pieces of Tech

x.ai x.ai is an artificial intelligence application which is able to carry out human like conversations through the likes of online customer services. On top of this, “Amy” – the name given to this piece of tech – is able to act as your personal assistant in setting up meetings by liaising with you and the other person to find… Read more →

Why Should You Use Cloud Based Email?

Why should you use cloud based email? Well, for a start, there is no server maintenance. This means that valuable time is no longer being wasted around emails. You are able to remove the hardware element, allowing you to concentrate on projects which actually add value by focusing on areas where you can get more money. Furthermore, you can save… Read more →

The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

Mobile users expect a different experience Typically, mobile users spend more money per purchase than desktop users. This alone is enough reason to ensure that your mobile site is fully responsive through mobile optimisation! Customers have reported that their mobile purchases are more likely to be impulse purchases than their desktop purchases. Your website’s mobile experience should match your visitors needs… Read more →