Why Should You Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business?

When small businesses start out, they may decide to go down the traditional advertising route – promoting their product or service through signage, print, or radio advertisement. This method of advertising was certainly optimal 10 or 15 years ago, but it is definitely not today. You may think, “Why are print and radio/TV ads still available, then?”. Well, this type… Read more →

Risks of Influencer Marketing – This Week in Marketing

Being exposed to influencer marketing comes as part using social media. Nowadays most influencers from reality television, YouTube etc. will have some sponsored posts on their social media accounts. However, though the technique is used the world’s biggest brands, it is shown that most consumers would rather trust a product recommended by someone they know. Also, for many well-known people… Read more →

edinburgh home to great Scottish marketing

3 Truly Scottish Marketing Campaigns

Scottish marketing campaigns are always a bit different, featuring Scottish culture, charm and humour. This week’s Marketing Society Star Awards have highlighted just how successful Scottish marketing is in catching attention! Greener Scotland – “Emissions Impossible” Launched in 2016, the objectives of Greener Scotland’s climate change campaign aimed to emphasise that lots of small actions will make a big difference. The… Read more →

Changes in E-Commerce

E-commerce is changing and evolving everyday to make our lives that little bit easier. We wanted to explore the routes of e-commerce and e-commerce web development which is continuing to take place everyday. A Brief History of E-Commerce E-commerce is hugely popular around the world, with the ability to shop at anytime, anywhere, it’s no wonder that e-commerce is so… Read more →

Best Apple Watch Apps Right Now

Wearable technology has opened up a wold of opportunities to make our lives easier. With Apple Watch development advancing rapidly, we decided to take a look at some of the greatest Apple Watch Apps right now.   Uber Uber is already a brilliant cab hailing app, but now it becomes even more efficient with the Apple Watch app. Uber has… Read more →

The History of Mobile Technology

Mobile phones have come a long way since the first idea of mobile technology back hi in the early 1900’s. From bulky radio receivers to mobile apps, phones have certainly changed over the years, so we thought we would take a look at the evolution of mobile technology.   The Invention of the Mobile Phone The concept of a portable, wireless… Read more →

What Does a Website Say About Your Business?

At Blue Sword, we pride ourselves on creating beautiful and bespoke websites, but what does a good website say about you? And how can web design enhance your business? Well we thought we would find out exactly what makes beautiful websites so successful. First Impressions It is human nature to form an opinion of someone (or something) in a matter… Read more →

Three Brilliant Uses for the Apple Watch

Apple’s latest venture into wearable technology, (in the form of the Apple Watch) has been a roaring success, with many other tech companies jumping on the bandwagon. The Apple Watch has also opened up a whole new world of opportunities for tech at home and in the work place. We decided that we would explore some of the most brilliant… Read more →