Why Should You Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business?

When small businesses start out, they may decide to go down the traditional advertising route – promoting their product or service through signage, print, or radio advertisement. This method of advertising was certainly optimal 10 or 15 years ago, but it is definitely not today. You may think, “Why are print and radio/TV ads still available, then?”. Well, this type… Read more →

Financial Tips For Your New Business

Establishing a new business can be a massive challenge for any number of different reasons. One that is sure to nag you in the early going, however, is proper management of payments and finances. Securing the capital you need to launch the business can be difficult enough. Thereafter, however, you’ll likely have more financial considerations than you know what to… Read more →

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3 Truly Scottish Marketing Campaigns

Scottish marketing campaigns are always a bit different, featuring Scottish culture, charm and humour. This week’s Marketing Society Star Awards have highlighted just how successful Scottish marketing is in catching attention! Greener Scotland – “Emissions Impossible” Launched in 2016, the objectives of Greener Scotland’s climate change campaign aimed to emphasise that lots of small actions will make a big difference. The… Read more →


Latest Top 5 Pieces of Tech

x.ai x.ai is an artificial intelligence application which is able to carry out human like conversations through the likes of online customer services. On top of this, “Amy” – the name given to this piece of tech – is able to act as your personal assistant in setting up meetings by liaising with you and the other person to find… Read more →

Why Should You Use Cloud Based Email?

Why should you use cloud based email? Well, for a start, there is no server maintenance. This means that valuable time is no longer being wasted around emails. You are able to remove the hardware element, allowing you to concentrate on projects which actually add value by focusing on areas where you can get more money. Furthermore, you can save… Read more →

The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

Mobile users expect a different experience Typically, mobile users spend more money per purchase than desktop users. This alone is enough reason to ensure that your mobile site is fully responsive through mobile optimisation! Customers have reported that their mobile purchases are more likely to be impulse purchases than their desktop purchases. Your website’s mobile experience should match your visitors needs… Read more →