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Marketing Nation Summit 2017

What did can we take away from the Marketing Nation Summit 2017? The event, held in San Francisco from the 23rd to 26th April, gathered more than 6,500 international marketing leaders. It was hosted by Marketo, a leading company in marketing automation. Overall, the key outcomes we can take away from the summit are; Complete Consumer Focus In this digital… Read more →

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Highlights of Google I/O 2017

What are Google’s plans for the upcoming year? The Google I/O Keynote 2017 took place this week in California. The Google keynote annual conference, which was led by Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained what Google’s intended futures are for its operating system Gmail, Google Assistant and much more! Though the conference is developer focused, there is lots of news for consumers!… Read more →

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Become A Better You – how technology is improving our health!

Technology improves health in a variety of ways! Keeping us healthy and active, many different aspects of health rely on things like the internet.  With a greater access to information people have more knowledge about their health. Developments in technology enable us to live longer! From improvements in treatment to fitness apps, technology is helping us to remain healthy each… Read more →

Top Five Pieces of Tech Right Now

With technology advancing more and more each day, we thought we would have a look at some of the latest tech from the last month.   High-Tech Toothbrush Now, it might not be the most exciting piece of tech, but it certainly is useful. This new high-tech toothbrush is able to correct common errors we make while manually brushing our… Read more →

Technology in Medicine

Technology plays a huge part in medicine and medical treatment – without technology, life would be very different. Here at Blue Sword we want to introduce you to the history of technology in medicine and how quickly tech has evolved in modern times. Early History of Technology in Medicine Very basic technology has been used in medicine from as early as… Read more →