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3 Ways to Speed Up iOS 11 on Your iPhone

Has the iPhone iOS update slowed your phone down? Following some simple steps, your iPhone performance could be back up to speed! When it comes to keeping technology running smoothly, Blue Sword have all the answers. After years working online, with web design and SEO services, we know what tips could change the way you interact with digital devices. How… Read more →

Enjoy Tech at the 70th Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival this month not only features shows using virtual reality (VR) and tech experiences, but also their own unique Festival VR experience. Edinburgh 70 allows people to have a taste of what it’s like to be at the festival. The biggest cultural festival in the world is too embracing tech and VR! A festival where anything goes, the… Read more →

5 Things To Know About The Internet of Things

Though most people have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), what is important to know? What is meant by the Internet of Things? It’s a tech shift impossible to ignore. The IoT refers to the inter-network of everyday devices, cars, buildings etc. all of which have electronics, software and sensors embedded in them. Allowing communication between them and other… Read more →

Great Campaigns from 2017 so Far

As the year is halfway over, it makes sense to look at the best marketing campaigns from the first part of 2017! From funny to culturally relevant, the advertising campaigns so far in 2017 have been very memorable. IKEA – The Wonderful Everyday Very recently IKEA launched another of their very clever ads! Throughout the UK and Ireland, the advertising… Read more →