Meet the Client – Mrs Jones Cakes

Company Name Mrs Jones Cakes   Company Contact Sheila Jones   What does your company do? We create beautiful, elegant, stylish and bespoke wedding cakes, cupcakes and cookies for clients throughout Scotland and the UK. We also run Glasgow’s only Cake School’s dedicated to teaching students of all skill levels to create cakes for weddings from start to finish.  … Read more →

Great Campaigns from 2017 so Far

As the year is halfway over, it makes sense to look at the best marketing campaigns from the first part of 2017! From funny to culturally relevant, the advertising campaigns so far in 2017 have been very memorable. IKEA – The Wonderful Everyday Very recently IKEA launched another of their very clever ads! Throughout the UK and Ireland, the advertising… Read more →

Risks of Influencer Marketing – This Week in Marketing

Being exposed to influencer marketing comes as part using social media. Nowadays most influencers from reality television, YouTube etc. will have some sponsored posts on their social media accounts. However, though the technique is used the world’s biggest brands, it is shown that most consumers would rather trust a product recommended by someone they know. Also, for many well-known people… Read more →

4 Important Social Change Campaigns

At this years Cannes Lions Festival, there was definitely a theme, within the winning and nominated categories of social good campaigns. Over the past year, many marketing campaigns have been focused around social issues. Like race and gender diversity, environmental issues, animal rights etc. Using important world events and matters to create a social good campaign. Though many people believe… Read more →

Meet the Client – Scotland’s Magician

Company Name Scotland’s Magician Company Contact Scott Cuthbertson What does your company do? We provide a fun and special form of magical entertainment, guaranteed to make your guests laugh and leave with an extra buzz. What is your role within the company? Owner What sets you apart from competitors? Our experience. Working across the UK and into Europe with some… Read more →

4 Ways Your Brand Can Appeal to Generation Z

Struggling to understand the Gen Z audience? Wondering where millennials have gone? The consumer audience has changed, millennials have grown up and made way for Gen Z! By the year 2020, Gen Z – people born from 1995 or after – will be accounting for 40% of the consumer market. It is more important than ever for digital marketers to… Read more →

Cannes Lions – Festival of Creativity

Running from the 17th to the 23rd of June, the annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has taken place this week. Gathering people from the advertising, digital innovation and marketing industries the festival celebrates the best in brand communication creativity. This year people like fashion designer Alexander Wang, A$AP Rocky and big names from advertising and communication industry have attended.… Read more →

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3 Truly Scottish Marketing Campaigns

Scottish marketing campaigns are always a bit different, featuring Scottish culture, charm and humour. This week’s Marketing Society Star Awards have highlighted just how successful Scottish marketing is in catching attention! Greener Scotland – “Emissions Impossible” Launched in 2016, the objectives of Greener Scotland’s climate change campaign aimed to emphasise that lots of small actions will make a big difference. The… Read more →