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modern marketing trends

Marketing Trends for 2019

Looking to move with the trends in 2019? Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. In hope of keeping up to date with the modern marketing trends for the new year, rely on Blue Sword! Modern Marketing Trends for 2019 – Advice from Blue Sword Content Marketing Strategy Original, personal, interactive content is going to be even more important in the… Read more →

Be My Eyes App

App technology has become an essential tool for aiding the lives of varying communities. The Be My Eyes app is no different. With one button, a visually impaired user can be connected with a sighted volunteer for help with everyday tasks. Whether this be reading best before dates or giving style advice, it has been extremely valuable in guiding those… Read more →

the festival of marketing

The Festival of Marketing 2018

Are you attending the Festival of Marketing this year? As one of the marketing industry’s most important annual events,┬áthere is always so much anticipation around it! Find out all about it with help from the Blue Sword. The Festival of Marketing 2018 What is the Festival of Marketing? This event is all about bringing together marketers to learn, share, innovate… Read more →

London Technology Week

From the 11th to the 17th of June London Tech Week is taking place. Across the city, there are going to be 300 summits, conferences, parties and more! Considered one of the most anticipated UK tech events, London Tech Week is the city’s biggest crowdsourced technology festival. Blue Sword are always keen to celebrate new innovation and technology. An event… Read more →

3 Benefits of Business Blogging

Thinking of blogging for business purposes? Aside from benefits within SEO (search engine optimisation), there are other benefits of blogging! We know just how important blogging can be! By offering additional and┬árelevant information, about any news and services, a business has the potential to reach new clients, develop existing relationships and become established within it’s own industry. Blogging for Business… Read more →

3 Things to Know about GDPR

What do you need to know about the EU data privacy regulation? Prepare for the 25th of May this year and ensure that you’re business is prepared! What is GDPR? GDPR is such an important piece of regulation, which is designed to give control of personal data back to the individual who it is owned by. This piece of EU… Read more →

What Can’t Robots Do?

Humans have always been fascinated and obsessed with robots however for some, this fascination has turned into fear. Robotic technology has been developing at some rate, and as a result, industries are employing that tech rather than people. Online blogs and websites are captivated with what robots can do, but, what can’t they do? What Can’t Robotic Technology Do? Think… Read more →

3 Reasons to Consider Colour in Marketing

The psychology of colour in marketing has been a focus of businesses for years! What visual identity would you like to create? What audience would you like to appeal to? Throughout the past couple of years the trend of video marketing has turned all attention towards the visual aspect of online. What is the psychology of colour in marketing? The… Read more →

3 Industries Changed by Big Data

Have you ever wondered what is big data used for? There are so many industries that use data, that we do not even realise. Though we tend not to think about it, the personal information we share online is changing the way many industries operate. What is Big Data Used for? Music The music industry has been changed dramatically as… Read more →

What is Bitcoin? – This Month in Tech

Throughout the winter months, there have been endless social media interactions revolving around one thing: Bitcoin. Virtual currency seems to be everywhere at the minute, what actually is bitcoin? What is the Virtual Currency, Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a type of virtual currency, which was invented in 2009, by an unknown person who goes by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. This type… Read more →