Why Should You Use Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business?

When small businesses start out, they may decide to go down the traditional advertising route – promoting their product or service through signage, print, or radio advertisement. This method of advertising was certainly optimal 10 or 15 years ago, but it is definitely not today. You may think, “Why are print and radio/TV ads still available, then?”. Well, this type… Read more →

Financial Tips For Your New Business

Establishing a new business can be a massive challenge for any number of different reasons. One that is sure to nag you in the early going, however, is proper management of payments and finances. Securing the capital you need to launch the business can be difficult enough. Thereafter, however, you’ll likely have more financial considerations than you know what to… Read more →

modern marketing trends

Marketing Trends for 2019

Looking to move with the trends in 2019? Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry. In hope of keeping up to date with the modern marketing trends for the new year, rely on Blue Sword! Modern Marketing Trends for 2019 – Advice from Blue Sword Content Marketing Strategy Original, personal, interactive content is going to be even more important in the… Read more →

Be My Eyes App

App technology has become an essential tool for aiding the lives of varying communities. The Be My Eyes app is no different. With one button, a visually impaired user can be connected with a sighted volunteer for help with everyday tasks. Whether this be reading best before dates or giving style advice, it has been extremely valuable in guiding those… Read more →

the festival of marketing

The Festival of Marketing 2018

Are you attending the Festival of Marketing this year? As one of the marketing industry’s most important annual events, there is always so much anticipation around it! Find out all about it with help from the Blue Sword. The Festival of Marketing 2018 What is the Festival of Marketing? This event is all about bringing together marketers to learn, share, innovate… Read more →

London Technology Week

From the 11th to the 17th of June London Tech Week is taking place. Across the city, there are going to be 300 summits, conferences, parties and more! Considered one of the most anticipated UK tech events, London Tech Week is the city’s biggest crowdsourced technology festival. Blue Sword are always keen to celebrate new innovation and technology. An event… Read more →