The Best Fitness Gadgets

With the Olympics upon us, it’s easy to be inspired to take up a new sport, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. Thankfully, there are plenty of gadgets out there to help get you on track to a fitter, healthier lifestyle. With everything from a mobile app to smart trousers, there is plenty of tech to help you with your fitness during the Olympics and beyond.


Fitness Watches

Fitness watches have to be one of the biggest fitness trends in recent times. From apps for your apple watch to the brilliant “Fitbit”, there is a piece of wearable tech to suit everyone. The Apple watch comes with the built in health app which can be connected to your iPhone, to keep track of many different aspects of your health and well-being, including your fitness. The app counts things like the number of steps you take, your weight and much much more. The Apple watch app, along with the mobile app, make it easy to monitor your fitness and how you improve over time, great for people who want to get fit at their own pace while keeping track of their progress.


There are also plenty of other apps which can be installed on both your Apple Watch and iPhone. A great option is a healthy recipe app such as “Green Kitchen”. The app gives you a wide selection of healthy recipes, while notifying you of the different steps and reminding you to take your food out the oven. This app is great if you are looking to improve your diet while improving your fitness.


Fortunately, there are alternative fitness watches for those who don’t own an Apple watch, and “fitbit” is a great alternative. The company have developed a wide range of fitness watches in different styles, colours and functionalities to suit everyone. Fitbit’s have a long battery life, so you can focus on getting fit without the worry of stopping to charge your watch. They are also able to monitor everything from your heart rate to your sleeping pattern, helping you to improve all aspects of your health and lifestyle.


Lumo Lift

This is a brilliantly innovative piece of tech, which not only monitors your fitness, but also improves your posture. The small sensor is attached to your clothing using a magnet or a bra clasp. The outer magnet (which can be seen on your clothing) can be changed, with a range of different colours and styles to chose from. The system is pretty simple to use, you identify your best posture on the device, which then vibrates if you begin to slouch. As well as monitoring your posture, the sensor also picks up on your movement through out the day, which can be checked through the mobile app. The mobile app makes it incredibly easy to keep on top of your fitness goals as well as monitoring your improved posture.


KuaiWear Coaching Headphones

If you lack motivation when it comes to exercise, then this nifty gadget may be perfect for you. The wireless headphones contain a sensor at the back which records and analyses your performance as you exercise. It then uses this data to provide you with feedback on your exercise as you work out. The goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals by offering you advice and guidance to make your workout more effective.


Strava Cycling and Running App

Strava cycling and running mobile app is a social fitness app which allows you to connect with friends and work together to get fit. The app allows you to track your walking, running and cycling using GPS, so you can monitor your progress and look at the routes you are regularly taking. The app also allows you to share photos of your activities as well as the route, to show your friends what you have been up to, helping to motivate one and other to work harder to get healthy.


Mobile App Development

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