Five of the Best Apps of 2016 (So Far)

Apps are very quickly becoming an essential part of everyday life. From Whatsapp to Facebook, we all have apps that we couldn’t live without, but what apps are set to join the list of essentials this year? Well, we have found some of the best apps of 2016 for you to enjoy!


While public speaking comes naturally to some people, many of us find the task quite daunting. However, the days of worrying about public speaking are behind us, thanks to this mobile app called Ummo. Ummo is a speech coaching app which listens to the way you speak and provides you with feedback based on certain words you want it to pick on. By identifying how often you say certain words, Ummo helps to filter out things like “umm” and “ahh” to improve your confidence and identify areas which need improvement.


On top of identifying words you want to filter out, Ummo analyses clarity, volume and pace, helping you to become a pro at public speaking. The app can also be connected to your Apple watch to monitor your speech throughout the day, providing you with feedback, straight to your wrist.

Cheeky Fingers

Cheeky Fingers is a wonderful app designed to help users learn to play the piano. The app gives you quick access to hundreds of chords while allowing you to find chords which work together. The app allows users to learn to play piano from their phone without the need for books and teachers, perfect for anyone who wants to teach themselves how to play piano.


This is a brilliant app is almost like an extension of FaceTime, allowing users to connect with up to six people at a time. Airtime allows you to video chat as a group, wherever you may be (as long as you are able to connect to the internet of course!). On top of allowing you to connect with six people at one time, the app allows you to share what you are watching or listening to while chatting, so you can all watch or listen to the same thing. What makes this app even better is that it’s free! What more could we ask for?

Day One 2

The concept of Day One 2, is a journal for your phone. The app allows you to record your life as you live it, recording the photos you take, the temperature and weather, your location, the time and day as well as motion, step count and the music you listen to. The app can also be integrated into other apps such as Foursquare, allowing you to check into locations. Day One 2 allows you to efficiently enter your thoughts and memories which are then synced to the cloud. The app creates a real time journal, which you can look back on at any time you wish. We think this is a wonderful idea for a mobile app, and is a great idea if you want to look back on special occasions or days in your life.


The Airmail app is brilliant if you are looking for a more efficient, simple way to manage your emails. Airmail can be integrated with other apps, as well as a present sync experience, so that your mailbox preferences are fully synced. Furthermore, the app can by used on your iPad, with the added benefit of split screen and multitasking. The app can be used along with Touch ID to keep your mail secure and private. The app makes emailing from your mobile phone a more pleasant and efficient task, great if you have to deal with a lot of emails every day.

Application Development

With apps becoming a major part in our day to day lives, making many tasks easier, mobile apps are very quickly becoming essential. If you are interested in mobile app development or Apple Watch development, then get in touch, we would love to hear from you.