The Best Ad Campaigns of 2017

With 2017 coming to a close, it is time to look back and reflect on some of the best ad campaigns of the year! Every year it is made harder for brands, they keep trying to compete and grab the attention of their ever changing audience. These are just three campaigns that managed to managed to catch our eye among the hundreds of ads we see each year.

The Best Ad Campaigns of 2017

Heineken – Worlds Apart

One of the ad campaigns that gained a lot of attention in April this year is Heineken’s “World Apart”. The advert shows many sets of people, with differing views on politics, climate change or issues in society, coming together for the first time to take part in some challenges. Using these challenges as a way of getting to know one another, they are then shown videos of each other describing themselves, who they are and their views. They can choose whether they stay and have a Heineken to discuss these views, or they can leave. Heineken’s “Open Your World” slogan at the end of the advert, makes it clear that this ad campaign is drawing from the current divisions in society. Heineken bringing people together despite differences.

IKEA – Wonderful Everyday

Ikea is never a stranger to successful advertising. In late October 2017, another advert was released as a part of their ongoing “Wonderful Everyday” campaign. The ad shows a family coming together to celebrate moments in daily, family life that are often overlooked and seen as being insignificant. The advert shows how by using Ikea products, you too can make the perfect environment for home life to be celebrated.

Also another Ikea moment to be remembered from 2017 is the Balenciaga saga. After the French fashion house released a bag looking very similar to Ikea’s well-known blue tote, Ikea decided to play up to it by releasing a print ad, which also went viral on social media. It shows their 40p tote and describes how you can tell the difference between the Ikea Frakta bag and the Balenciaga version. Ikea gained so much attention from audiences online because of this piece of funny marketing.

Spotify: 2018 Goals

At the end of November, Spotify released the idea for their “2018 goals” campaign. However, unlike their previous outdoor campaign, in which Spotify was reflecting on the activity of users in their “thanks 2016” ads, this campaign is called “2018 goals,” music streaming New Year’s resolutions. Spotify have created another set of ads based on the some of the funny habits of users, accessed through their data mining. Featuring artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Niall Horan, you can expect to see the outdoor campaign in major cities around the world from this month.

This year, Spotify also used their access to users ‘play this at my funeral’ playlists, to create an interesting ad featuring Joe Jonas and DNCE.

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