Be My Eyes App

App technology has become an essential tool for aiding the lives of varying communities. The Be My Eyes app is no different. With one button, a visually impaired user can be connected with a sighted volunteer for help with everyday tasks. Whether this be reading best before dates or giving style advice, it has been extremely valuable in guiding those affected by low vision for the past couple of years.

Be My Eyes

The app was originally created by a Danish craftsman, Hans Jørgen Wiberg, who began losing his vision in his mid-20s. He wanted to find a way of making everyday tasks easier to carry out for those who had low-vision. And so, turned to app technology to establish a means of communication between a sighted person and someone with low-vision – from any location.

Through a video call, Be My Eyes gives visually impaired people the chance to “borrow” the eyes of a sighted volunteer. Working together they will be able to solve the situation, allowing the visually impaired person to continue with their day. There is no waiting around involved in this app, it is an instant connection!

The app is free, you must be at least 17 years old to use it and there is the option to use it in many different languages.

apps for visually impaired.

Be My Eyes allows for instant communication and help!

Available to download from Android and iOS app stores, Be My Eyes has been a key development in bettering the everyday lives of those with visual impairments around the world. Since it’s launch in 2017, there are now over 1 million sighted volunteers and 100,000 blind people using this technology.

The best thing about it is its ease of use. It takes a couple of quick minutes to sign up and from that point on you can help.

App development is essential in making the lives easier for a range of groups in society. At Blue Sword we are experts in creating apps used effectively for a selection of businesses and organisations. If you are considering developing your own app, get in touch with the Blue Sword team.