Apple Keynote 2017: All There is Know – This Week in Tech

At the Apple Keynote – the first ever event in the Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple have finally launched their long awaited products. From new iOS 11 technology to the iPhone X, the Keynote was watched by millions! Though the new iPhone X is their most expensive yet, Apple claim it to be the future!

iPhone 8 & 8 plus

Defined by Apple, the iPhone 8 is made from “the most durable glass ever” and is a “new generation of iPhone.” Evidentially a step up from the iPhone 7, the 8 is made from glass, has wireless charging and is powered by the “smartest chip ever in a smartphone.”

The wireless charging feature ties into the idea of Apple’s wireless future. Claiming you can charge your phone at hotels and cafes all over the world. Also, with an all-new sensor iPhone 8 has a more advanced camera than the 7. Another addition to Apple’s phone family!

iPhone X

Apple are telling us to “say hello to the future” with the iPhone X. A completely different design it’s essentially one big screen. Which, like the 8 has features including; wireless charging and is water and dust resistant – due to the glass exterior. However, where is differs is the face ID, TrueDepth Camera and A11 Bionic (superhuman intelligence). Lots of impressive developments for Apple and a very exciting time for tech lovers!

iOS 11 – “A ground breaking iOS for a ground breaking iPhone.”

older iOS system iphone X

The new iOS 11 operating system is the future! Better than the older versions.

Apple have launched their operating system iOS 11. It will be released alongside the iPhone 8; this is a big upgrade! Features include Siri translations, Apple Pay available in iMessage and screen recording. However, at the Keynote Apple announced more exciting features of the new update! For example; Animoji is a new feature in iMessage that is powered by sensors from Face ID to make an emoji mimic your facial expressions! Used in iMessage to send to friends. Also, selfie modes. There is now such a thing as portrait lighting!

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