Why Are Ad Campaigns Influenced by Current Trends or Events?

From the recent situation in which Pepsi’s advertising campaign was taken off air, it is worthwhile to wonder whether a successful ad campaign is based on current world trends and matters.

Why use current trends or events in a campaign?

To relate and identify with the target audience and appear relevant, companies draw from recent events, trends and issues. Though, sometimes the desire to gain differentiation from other products on the market goes too far and errors are made. However, for the most part, campaigns based from trends and social issues, tend to be a success!

Pepsi – “Live for Now Moments”

At the beginning of April, the Pepsi campaign starring model, Kendall Jenner, was pulled off air due to immense social media backlash. The ad campaign had taken influence from recent protests against social justice matters. The campaign aimed ‘to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,’ however, it was criticised for being insensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement and for trivialising demonstrations.

In this case covering a social issue in a campaign, clearly did not make a successful ad campaign.

Carlsberg – “The Danish Way”

beer bottle

When it comes to social trends, the most recent advertising campaign from the Danish beer company Carlsberg reinvents Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen, featuring him as an icon of lifestyle in Denmark.

The ad campaign is heavily influenced by its Danish roots and the ‘Hygge’ trend. The concept of ‘hygge,’ which translates to ‘cosiness’ or a ‘sense of togetherness,’ has recently blown up in the British market. Taking advantage of this, Carlsberg’s campaign hopes to stand out from competitors and reappraise the brand. Though it has not been released on air yet, the influence of such a popular trend, will no doubt create a successful ad campaign.

Kellog’s Corn Flakes – “#myperfectbowl”

Another campaign that has taken influence from trends is Kellog’s Corn Flakes. The cereal company has teamed up with Channel 4’s highest rated programme Gogglebox, to create the campaign. Recognising the popularity of the programme, which has catapulted the families to celebrity in the UK, Kellog’s has used the social media trend of Gogglebox to relate their brand with the debate of what makes a perfect bowl? With the influence of such a social media trend, a successful ad campaign is guaranteed.

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