6 Travel Apps You Should Get This Summer!

At this time of year, travel apps are extremely popular! Every summer new apps are being released to benefit from holiday makers and travels around the world.

Not only are travel apps an essential, but they are convenient and cheaper than buying a travel guide. Travelling is great fun, and app technology makes it safer and easier than ever before!


wifi symbol

An amazing, practical app that makes sure your always connected!

One of the most popular apps this year is Wiffinity, the app that allows you to access and easily connect to WIFI locations around the world. A necessity in everyday life, why should your travelling adventure be restricted by the lack of internet connection? If anything WIFI abroad is more important than when at home!

The app has a WIFI map, which allows the user to find and share any hotspots! With access to over 600,000 secure WIFI connections around the world, you aren’t in need of 4G network coverage. The problem of a WIFI connection, when exploring new places around the world, is no longer!


signs to international cities

Be anywhere and know exactly where, with the MAPS.ME app.

Another one of the best travel apps around at the moment is MAPS.ME. This app is not simply a map app, MAPS.ME lets you have access to maps when you are offline! This app – which has over 70 million users – lets you explore every city and country in the world in a lot of detail.

The offline feature of the app has made it particularly popular. It’s easy to use nature and convenience just adds to its success! Also, the downloadable maps lets users update any details or add new findings when travelling round.


girl at airport terminal

With Hopper you can book and buy flights to wherever, at the cheapest price!

The travel app Hopper is essentially a mobile travel agent’s! It lets you book flights and lets you know when it is the best time to buy them. After searching for a trip, the app then recommends whether you should buy them or wait. Since its launch in 2015 this app has had over 10 million downloads! An app great for saving money and finding the best flight deal, this is one of the travel apps that anyone can use.


traffic build up travel apps can help

Avoid traffic jams, accidents and collisions with the Waze app.

Another app that would be more suitable for a road trip is Waze. It is the world’s biggest community based GPS navigation app. The app receives real time traffic information and road info from users and so updates the road map for other users affected. Letting people avoid any collisions, roadworks etc. A great app either way if you are travelling and are using it to drive around unfamiliar places!


the world

Circa is perfect if you want to communicate across different time zones!

If you’ve travelled across many different countries or continents, Circa is extremely helpful! The app lets you keep time in any country, making you aware of the new time zone. Particularly useful if you are constantly travelling, you might not know the day, but you’ll know the time! Also an ideal app for communicating with people across the world as, using Circa, you will instantly know what time it is where they are.


train station

Specifically for inter railing in Europe and UK, Loco2 saves you lots of money!

An app specifically for travelling through the UK or Europe by train, using Loco2 you can buy and quickly book any tickets for Europe’s main stations. Covering every rail company in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium etc. One of the travel apps you need to download this summer if you are going inter railing! Also, this app lets you pay in Euros or GBP, letting you get the best deal, while offering an in-app cancel and refund service.

An app is an essential for daily life, not just travel! If you think that your business could succeed by creating a quality app, Blue Sword will be able to help. Contact us here.