5 Things To Know About The Internet of Things

Though most people have heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), what is important to know?

What is meant by the Internet of Things?

phones tablets wearable tech

Different household and handheld devices are in the meaning of the ‘Internet of Things!’

It’s a tech shift impossible to ignore. The IoT refers to the inter-network of everyday devices, cars, buildings etc. all of which have electronics, software and sensors embedded in them. Allowing communication between them and other internet-enabled devices. It is claimed that the new ease of data sharing will allow for improved lives and new in-home experiences!

It’s Been Around for a While

artificial intelligence with the internet of things

Artificial Intelligence software and products have been on the market for a while now!

Though most consumers are only now realising the IoT, this change in the tech world has been apparent for a while. Devices like Amazon’s Echo – the AI personal assistant – and wearable gadgets like Fitbit have been the market for a while now! Realisation among consumers has only been occurring recently due to more people in the public eye and blogs talking about it.

Changes to Home & Workplace

technology at home

In both your home and professional lives tech will continue to affect and influence how you live.

Not only is the Internet of Things changing how our home lives operate, it also impacts our lives on an industrial level! Affecting the efficiency of your workplace. Also, the IoT contributes to marketing successes – more access to device data means that there is more awareness about consumer behavioural patterns. A benefit for consumers is a more efficient online shopping experience, tailored to them.

A Little bit Dangerous

hacking padlock

Smart tech is always going to have a security risk.

Obviously giving information over technology comes with a risk. It goes without saying that when using these devices, it is extremely important to be careful and aware of what you are sharing on the IoT.

Affect on the Physical World

tram in japan

So many industries are now affected the IoT.

What you should take overall from this is that the physical world is becoming a part of the digital world. Healthcare, transportation and energy industries are all now in some way finding it a necessity to incorporate the IoT.

‘Smart Cities’


One of the ‘Smart Cities’ around the world, Copenhagen is home to style and operates with technology.

The internet of things now influences urban design. Cities all over the world are now being labelled ‘smart’ due to their heavy involvement with tech. For example; Tel Aviv and Copenhagen now have infrastructures, buildings and public spaces all heavily influenced by the internet of things.

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There is so much to learn when it comes to the Internet of Things, this massive tech change effects both the digital and physical world! Our businesses rely on technology for everything nowadays. As experts in all things web there are many ways Blue Sword’s can help your business? Get in touch if you would like to find out more!