4 Memorable Advertising Moments in May

This month there were some particularly memorable advertising moments. It is very important to realise what makes a successful advert, sometimes companies can get it very wrong!

Visit Sweden and Air B&B

Sweden pulled off one of the most memorable advertising moves of 2017 so far, not just in May! The tourism collective, Visit Sweden put their entire country on the popular holiday rental website Air BnB. Promoting the fact that in Sweden there is a principle of being free to roam called “allenmansätten”. The advert likens Swedish nature to someone’s home, where there are ‘necessities and amenities’. Such an innovative move proved to be a success! The discussion and admiration around the ad was obvious on social media.

Dove Bottles

Early in May, Dove released body-shaped bottles to influencers and fans. The different shaped bottle were meant to reflect the fact that everyone’s bodies are ‘one of a kind’. The idea on social media came under a lot of ridicule. With people making jokes about it and claiming it was patronising. However, the amount of attention the bottles have got have only caused more promotion for the brand – making it another memorable marketing campaign. Have a look at their previous successful campaign!

Evian Babies

The Evian campaign ‘Live Young’, is another feature that appeared in May. The well-loved campaign came back again this month, but on our social media platforms instead of television. The babies were shown wearing grown up clothes with the aim of encouraging adults to remain young at heart. Also, the new digital campaign contains a snapchat filter that will be available from a code on Evian bottles!

Evian memorable advertising campaignMcDonald’s

Another memorable advertising moment from May is the failed McDonald’s ad, “Dad.” The television ad had to be taken off screens after multiple claims that it featured the exploitation of childhood bereavement. The advert was thought of as insensitive, shameful and inappropriate in the way it exploited loss as a way to connect children and parents. However, in the past McDonald’s seemed to have been on target with their ads. Look at this post about how it is important to relate trends and events to ad campaigns.


Memorable advertising is very important, digital marketing as well as campaigns! If you think your company is in need of some digital marketing help, contact us.