4 Important Social Change Campaigns

At this years Cannes Lions Festival, there was definitely a theme, within the winning and nominated categories of social good campaigns.

people creating social good campaign

Over the past year, many marketing campaigns have been focused around social issues. Like race and gender diversity, environmental issues, animal rights etc. Using important world events and matters to create a social good campaign. Though many people believe that social good marketing is now ‘trend’ – because of its notable popularity within the advertising industry. All around the world, these campaigns are very important and successful in communicating and raising awareness of crucial modern world problems.

CBeebies – ‘Everyone’s Welcome’

The most recent of the social good campaigns released is one from BBC’s children’s television channel CBeebies. Their film ‘Everyone’s Welcome’ aims to promote a discussion on diversity. The advert shows how children see the world and how their opinions of one another don’t come down to skin colour. It is clear that what is important to these children is friendship, respect and learning from difference.

The campaign, though only having been released this month, has shown to be effective with the public on social media. Also, this advert covers issues such as gender equality, disability, class and race so well.

WWF – ‘Earth Hour’

A campaign starting 10 years ago, WWF’s ‘Earth Hour’ is the world’s biggest grassroots movement for environmental change. On the 25th March this year millions of people from all the over the world showed care for the planet by turning off their lights for an hour. This has been happening since 2007 when it started in Australia. The ‘Earth Hour’ global movement is not so much about how much energy is saved on that specific day, rather a way to bring to attention the issue of planet sustainability to world leaders.

The Body Shop – ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’

Cosmetic and skincare company The Body Shop, along with their campaign partners, Cruelty Free International are working in an effort to continue their fight against animal testing. The purpose of the campaign is to present 8 million signatures in a petition to the UN General Assembly next year.

With the hashtag #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting, they have the aim of getting the 80% of countries in the world that still allow animal testing, to stop. Since 1989, The Body Shop has campaigned to end animal testing. So, this is another social good campaign brought to the world by an established, well known and ethical brand.

Amnesty International UK – ‘360 Syria’

Last year, one of the most important campaigns was created by Amnesty International UK and agency Junior. They launched the virtual reality experience 360Syria. This campaign features the devastated city of Aleppo and uses photography, recordings and narration. Giving people around world an insight into Syria’s reality. With the aim of raising awareness of the barrel bombs that were being dropped in Syria last year. Using technology, this social good campaign created a massive reaction of empathy and shock for the Syrian country.

Social Good Campaign

Campaigns are a crucial way of not only marketing but communicating an important matter to society. If you think that your company is in need of help with marketing, contact Blue Sword. We can help with all things digital including digital marketing, SEO and web design.