3 Ways to Speed Up iOS 11 on Your iPhone

Has the iPhone iOS update slowed your phone down? Following some simple steps, your iPhone performance could be back up to speed!

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How Can My iPhone iOS Update Work More efficiently?

Change ‘Reduce Motion’ Setting

iOS 11 reduce motion

Turn on the ‘Reduce Motion’ option to keep your iOS running well!

‘Reduce Motion’ is an accessibility feature that alters the way your phone screen moves. If you feel sensitive towards the motion effects of your apple product, turning on the ‘Reduce Motion’ feature make you have a better user experience. To find ‘Reduce Motion,’ go to Settings, then select the General option, Accessibility, then turn on Reduce Motion. Not only will this make your experience of using the iPhone better, the iOS system will be faster.

Make Some Space

iOS iPhone storage

Keep your phone free with space and your iPhone will perform better!

After your iPhone iOS update, you may find that your already full storage makes your phone run even slower. Why not have a clear out? A more obvious way to speed up your phone that most of us try and do from time to time! Go to Settings, then General, click on Storage & iCloud Usage and then you will see the ‘Manage Storage’ option. Using this you will be able to also see how full your storage is. From here you can sort through your apps, clear out your messages/emails, or even check the unused apps option!

Say No to Automatic Updates

iphone ios update

Just by switching off automatic updates, your iPhone iOS update will run quicker!

We all notice automatic app updates going on in the background when we are using our phones. Though this reduces the number of updates waiting in the App Store, it uses up battery and the devices’ Central Processing Unit (CPU). This means ultimately your new iPhone iOS update will be running slower. To change this and update manually, simply go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store and turn off Updates.

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