4 Ways to Avoid Stereotyping Millennials in Marketing

‘Millennial marketing’ is one of the most difficult trends many brands try and crack. With apparent ignorance to the fact a millennial is a person aged from 18-34, companies have been trying and failing for years to release a successful ‘millennial marketing’ campaign – without relying on stereotypes. It might be worth realising that there might be no such thing as ‘millennial marketing’ as a trend, rather just marketing.

The stock footage and photo company Dissolve released their ‘Generic Millennial Ad’ last week. With the aim of showing how easy it is to try and appeal to a millennial, the video shows literally every stereotype large brands use to try and relate to someone born between the 80s and 00s.

Millennials aren’t a market segment

Marketers seem to be under the impression that millennials are a whole different consumer to the generations older and younger than them. It might be surprising to learn that ‘millennial’ isn’t a lifestyle/mind-set it’s a generation, made up of over 75 million people from different cultures, ages and races. So instead of treating a generation like a niche market, a new species who live alternative lives, maybe realise that they are real life normal consumers?


Millennials can read

Despite many brands’ beliefs, millennials do understand words. Emoji’s are nice to use, when messaging people via social media. However when it comes to millennial marketing, don’t excessively use them. Especially when commenting on serious issues or current affairs. An emoji doesn’t change anything! Use Hillary Clinton’s tweets as an example of how not to try and interact with a younger audience.

Keep Brand Authenticity & Values

In order to appeal to the millennial market, that is obviously so different to the normal consumer market, a lot of companies seem to change their values/personality. Using cringe-worthy language, mentioning ‘gig-hopping’ or avocados won’t make your company appeal to millennials. At all. Just remain true to your authentic brand values. Share your company’s story, aims and culture! It’s ok to try and grow your brand targeting different age markets, but do it in a way that people will respond to and respect. Don’t use a stereotypes as way into a millennial heart.

time magazine avocado article stereotypical millennial marketing

Don’t follow in the footsteps of TIME magazines very stereotypical avocado article.

Millennials Aren’t Killing Anything

Also, it’s worthwhile to realise that despite the articles written, millennials aren’t killing anything. It has been claimed that the millennial generation are killing the beer, napkin, golf, motorcycles etc. industries. A good piece of advice is to not suggest millennials are guilty of killing entire industries.

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