3 Things to Know about GDPR

What do you need to know about the EU data privacy regulation? Prepare for the 25th of May this year and ensure that you’re business is prepared!

What is GDPR?

eu gdpr

Prepare your business before May!

GDPR is such an important piece of regulation, which is designed to give control of personal data back to the individual who it is owned by. This piece of EU data privacy regulation is the most important change to be implemented for 20 years, after being approved by the EU parliament on the April 2016. The existing piece of regulation is from 1998, a time at the world definitely didn’t revolve around technology.

Respect Personal Data

The whole reason behind the change in regulation revolves around treating the collected data with care. GDPR is an effort to trigger good practice within data-led business environments. It has completely expanded the definition of what it means to collect “personal data.” Because it is such an important change to regulation, claiming you were unaware of it’s happening is not an excuse for unlawfully collecting data.

EU Data Privacy Regulation Applies after Brexit

eu data privacy regulation brexit

It is crucial to implement the GDPR in your business, it is staying after Brexit!

Even though this is a piece of EU regulation, it will still be something to comply with after Britain leaves the EU. If you don’t adopt this lawful practice, your company will face fines!

In fact, this report found that 66% of websites in the EU are not compliant with GDPR.

Evaluate Business Practice

Also, don’t just presume that your business is compliant without checking! Thoroughly go over every aspect and area of your company, don’t try to find alternative ways to store or mine personal data. Only collect data as you need and only store it for the length of time that you need it for.

It is so important for businesses to look into their data practice before May! It is also important to stay up to date with the latest in the tech world. Look at our last post to learn more about robotic technology.

If this new regulation has influenced your business to have a tech rethink, get in touch with Blue Sword for any web or marketing needs.