3 Industries Changed by Big Data

Have you ever wondered what is big data used for? There are so many industries that use data, that we do not even realise. Though we tend not to think about it, the personal information we share online is changing the way many industries operate.

What is Big Data Used for?


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Big data has changed the way the music industry operates!

The music industry has been changed dramatically as a result of the industries’ access to big data. Companies no longer have to assume that a genre or song will do well. With the help of big data, it is now possible to see what specific songs are being listened to, where they are being listened to and how this music is being accessed. Predicting successful artists and songs has become much easier, producers and composers can now create the most perfect, catchy music based on databases and algorithms.

Also, streaming services like Spotify and Tidal have changed the way music is consumed. Listening to music has become much more of a social experience, people are able to follow artists, each other and create playlists. Big data has enabled Spotify to suggest new artists to users, creates daily playlists based on their existing music tastes and makes users aware of artist performances in their area!



what is big data used for travel industry

Every travel company will use some kind of big data.

There are so many travel companies using big data analytics. They use data to help with predicting when people will travel and where people travel. For example; ScotRail collects information like your name, country of residence, email and phone number etc. and uses it to improve their services towards customers. Recommending services similar to ones already used etc. They then share this information about you with search engine providers and business partners/suppliers. ScotRail is reaping the benefits of data mining just like every other travel company around the world. You can read more about ScotRail’s privacy policy here.


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The retail industry uses your data for more than marketing purposes!

What is big data used for when it comes to retail? The industry most known for using big data, retail uses data to understand consumer behaviour, analytics making this information more accurate. Brands can use data analytic techniques to gage a sense of brand perception and image, create personalised marketing and among many more things, understand who their customer is and how they browse. Direct marketing is a large part of the modern retail industry, which relies on big data and the collection of personal data.

Take the high street chain Topshop. Their privacy policy details clearly that they take name, phone number, email and age for purposes including newsletters and competitions. It explains that they share this information with the companies that they have contracted to provide certain services (marketing, advertising, shipping, credit card processing etc). This means that the companies Topshop outsource to will obtain only the personal information they need about customers. Making it easier for these different companies to perform in their role for Topshop by having personal data. This shows just how the retail industry relies on data to achieve.

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