3 Important Charity Campaigns from September

When you first think of advertising, you don’t always think of a charity campaign. However, this month we have seen the release of a couple! In amongst the upcoming Christmas and Halloween campaigns it’s worth recognising other forms of very important advertising!

Unicef – ‘A Child is a Child’

One of the most important ads from this month, Unicef’s ‘A Child Is A Child” is part of their campaign to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation. Released on the 20th September, the campaign follows a report from Unicef in May that explained how the number of children risking their lives to journey across continents for safety is increasing. They collated the report in the hope of reaching out governments to develop an agenda to protect refugee children! Now, Unicef has added the powerful film to the campaign.

The Loneliness Project – ‘Campaign to End Loneliness’

Another charity campaign is The Loneliness Project’s “Campaign to End Loneliness,” a project which is aiming to raise awareness within communities and combat loneliness in older people. The film shows a young man, who is spending the week in his flat without Wi-Fi, phone or contact to the outside world. The film then shows the man meeting an older neighbour who faced being lonely after his wife died. Openly discussing loneliness doesn’t happen often in our media. Join their charity campaign to #EndLonelinessCampaign

ClientEarth – ‘Poisoned Playgrounds’

A charity campaign from the same agency as The Loneliness Project, BMB. The charity ClientEarth released their campaign “Poisoned Playgrounds” earlier on in the month. After the release of the Air Pollution plan by the UK Government, which the ClientEarth deem not good enough, the charity created a response in film. Their ‘Poisoned Playgrounds’ ad highlights how Britain’s toxic air will affect children in the future. The film shows children playing in their school grounds wearing gas masks! The aim of the charity campaign is to raise awareness to society and the government, air pollution is a serious issue, ready to affect future generations.

Charity Campaign – Blue Sword

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